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New cutting-edge technology for visually impaired

New cutting-edge technology for visually impaired

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Natalia Witulska,
16.01.2024 16:30

DotLumen, a Romanian company, has developed groundbreaking glasses for blind people. These glasses function like a guide dog, providing an innovative technological solution for the visually impaired.

Sight is a crucial sense for humans. It enables us to observe and appreciate the world around us. However, not everyone is blessed with this ability, as some are born blind while others lose sight for various reasons. In such cases, the dotLumen company has come up with a solution. They have developed a pair of glasses that act as a guide dog. A volunteer recently tested the product, and the results are very promising.

Revolutionary glasses for the blind

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 285 million people worldwide experience some form of sight loss, out of which 39 million are completely blind. To help such individuals, the company dotLumen has created innovative glasses. The design was first announced in October 2023 and tested by a blind person in January 2024.

The dotLumen glasses have been developed by the company's employees as an alternative to guide dogs. These haptic glasses feature an interface that provides real-time feedback, ensuring safe and smooth mobility. The glasses are often described as working not by pulling your hand, like guide dogs, but by "pulling your head."

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Modern eyewear for the blind

DotLumen's glasses are equipped with sensors that can detect obstacles above and below the ground, guiding the wearer to avoid potential hazards. The glasses have undergone multiple rounds of testing and design variations to ensure a comfortable fit for up to 80% of adult head sizes.

Source: antyweb.pl

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