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Ministry of Education implements new hygiene product requirements in schools

Ministry of Education implements new hygiene product requirements in schools

Image source: © Barbara Nowacka / Instagram
Natalia Witulska,
29.03.2024 16:15

On March 25, the Ministry of Education released new regulations for safety and hygiene in schools. The guidelines clarify which hygiene products schools must provide for their students.

Barbara Nowacka, a Civic Coalition MP, heads the Ministry of Education, and her team has been quite busy. The Ministry has banned homework for the first three grades of primary schools, is preparing a new reading list for pupils, and has been working to streamline the core curriculum. Recently, on 25 March, she released a regulation on hygiene products to be used in schools.

The latest regulation from the Ministry of Education has been published on the Government Legislation Centre website. It is currently under review and will become effective 14 days after publication. The regulation outlines the types of hygiene products that must always be available in all educational institutions. It updates the rules set by the Ministry of Education on 31st December 2002.

The Ministry of National Education and the regulation on hygiene products

According to the explanatory memorandum provided by the Ministry of Education, the amendment to the regulation is necessary to clarify it. Currently, the regulation only requires schools to provide students with hot and cold water and hygiene products without specifying which products are mandatory.

"At present, as per Section 8(1) of the Regulation, schools and educational facilities are required to furnish sanitary and hygienic premises with hot and cold running water and personal hygiene products. However, the existing provision lacks specificity regarding the type of personal hygiene products to be supplied. The proposed amendment aims to rectify this by explicitly identifying that the essential personal hygiene products include hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper," reads the memorandum.

"Regarding toilet hygiene, the State Sanitary Inspection authorities took action in 2022, issuing 568 administrative decisions—a significant increase from the 291 decisions in 2021. These decisions were prompted by deficiencies related to toilet sanitary and hygienic conditions, including the technical efficiency of fittings and the availability of hygiene products. Notably, more establishments faced shortages of essential personal hygiene equipment, such as toilet paper, liquid soap in dispensers, and paper towels for drying hands," reads the explanation.

Source: radiozet.pl, glos.pl

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