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Łukasz Litewka talks with Polish Highlanders: Preserving tradition by not tiring horses

Łukasz Litewka talks with Polish Highlanders: Preserving tradition by not tiring horses

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Natalia Witulska,
17.05.2024 20:00

On Friday, 17 May, Łukasz Litewka, a member of the Sejm, met with highlanders. The representative from the Left tried to convince them to stop mistreating horses during the ascent to Morskie Oko. The discussion was intense, with strong and direct words being exchanged.

There is a distressing tradition in Poland associated with the warm weather and the influx of tourists to Zakopane. It involves the use of horses to transport people to Morskie Oko Lake. An incident on 3 May 2024 brought this issue to the forefront again when a horse fell and was struck by one of the carriage drivers. The video of this incident, which circulated on social media, sparked widespread outrage.

The treatment of horses at Morskie Oko has been a topic of heated debate since the beginning of May. Activists emphasise that animals should not be subjected to such treatment. They argue that if tourists choose to visit the mountains, they should be prepared to walk on their own. If they are aware that their children may not be able to manage the trek, they should opt for a different attraction. Politicians are seeking a solution to alleviate the burden on the horses. Lukasz Litewka has taken steps to address the issue by meeting with the local community of highlanders.

Łukasz Litewka met with Polish Highlanders

Łukasz Litewka is a Polish politician, sociologist, and local government activist. He is also a member of the Sejm of the 10th term. He gained significant attention during his election campaign leading up to the 2023 parliamentary elections by not only featuring his picture on his posters but also including photographs of dogs in shelters. This was his way of encouraging citizens to vote and adopt animals in need of a home.

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Litewka has shown consistent dedication to animal welfare. On Friday, 17 May, he personally met with highlanders who use horses in carriages to transport tourists to the Morskie Oko Lake. The conversation between the politician and the fiacres was quite challenging to explain. The representative of the Left Party tried to persuade the community members that they could do without using horses, but they were not receptive to his ideas.

During their conversation, the highlanders emphasised tradition, stating that using horses to transport tourists has been a longstanding practice and is not wrong. When the MP suggested using Melex electric vehicles instead, they laughed at him and again referred to tradition. Litewka, feeling exasperated, stated that "the tradition of the highlanders should be expressed by wearing beautiful clothes and taking care of the mountains, and not the mistreatment of horses." It's unclear whether his argument resonated with the group of men.

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