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Former Confederation party supporter faces serious charges: Did he incite hatred?

Former Confederation party supporter faces serious charges: Did he incite hatred?

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Weronika Paliczka,
08.07.2024 13:15

Is the leader of the Awakened Consumers movement a pro-Russian streamer? Marcin B., once associated with the Confederation, is facing four legal proceedings in a Jelenia Góra court. The charges against him include attacking Jews, among other allegations.

The activities of pro-Russian sympathisers in Poland are more pervasive than many realise. Despite the Polish security services' extensive efforts to safeguard citizens and limit Russian influence, it is practically impossible to halt these activities altogether. This is evidenced by the ongoing court proceedings initiated against "ordinary people" as they refer to themselves.

Who is Marcin B.?

Some time ago, Marcin B. was a regular supporter of the Confederation. However, something has changed, and the man now openly and strongly criticises the party, especially its leader, Slawomir Mentzen. Marcin B. is also the founder of the Awakened Consumers (Polish: Przebudzeni Konsumenci) movement, with whom he assesses Polish food and criticises the fertilisers used by farmers. In videos published on the internet, the man checks, among other things, the presence of preservatives in meat.

Marcin B. also organised events where he exposed politicians to health risks by dousing them with fertilisers considered hazardous to health, including the popular Roundup.

Several investigations against Marcin B.

Marcin B. is currently the subject of several legal proceedings at the Jelenia Góra prosecutor's office. Among the accusations, he is charged with inciting hatred against Jews. It is alleged that during a Facebook broadcast, Marcin B. used derogatory language aimed at the Jewish community.

In another incident, Marcin B. is accused of removing the Ukrainian flag from the Jelenia Góra magistrate's building. The flag had been displayed as a gesture of solidarity following the onset of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Additionally, Marcin B. is facing charges for a disruptive act during a 2021 meeting of Lower Silesian Law and Justice politicians. He reportedly infiltrated a closed session during this event and distributed the herbicide Roundup in plastic cups.

Further allegations include the violation of police officers' bodily integrity and insulting President Andrzej Duda, referring to him as an "American wiener filled with Israeli content."

Centre for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behaviour reacts

The Centre for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behaviour (Polish: Ośrodek Monitorowania Zachowań Rasistowskich i Ksenofobicznych, OMZRiK) has taken action against pro-Russian streamer Marcin B.

The organisation recently highlighted his activities in a Facebook post: "Marcin B. is the leader of the pro-Russian Awakened Consumers movement. He is known for 'testing' Polish food with Russian fake testers, which, as scientists have shown, only measure electrical resistance. Despite this, B. claims they indicate food quality. In reality, these pseudo-tests aim to undermine consumer confidence in Polish food producers. Notably, B. never 'tests' Russian food."

"Marcin B. currently faces four criminal trials, including charges of anti-Semitism, hate speech, and insulting and attacking Ukrainians. He is also accused of attempting to poison politicians with a weedkiller," OMZRiK adds.

OMZRiK has also drawn attention to Marcin B.'s connections with the far-right extremist Kamraci movement and the pro-Putin Front party. The Internet and Social Media Research Institute also identified him in a report on pro-Russian disinformation attacks targeting food producers.

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza

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