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Fight for Warsaw’s wooden Finnish houses. Unique place in the capital

Fight for Warsaw’s wooden Finnish houses. Unique place in the capital

Image source: © owarty_jazdow / Instagram
Marta Grzeszczuk,
08.01.2024 16:30

Urban activists are opposing the new development plan for Jazdów Estate in Warsaw. What makes this place special?

The Jazdów Estate in Warsaw is a one-of-a-kind location not only in the capital but in the entire country. It's situated behind Ujazdowski Park and comprises single-story wooden houses designed in a Scandinavian style. However, urban activists are worried about the city authorities' intentions for the estate.

Activists oppose city hall's plans for the Jazdów Estate

The Jazdów Estate in Warsaw is known for its unique architecture. The estate consists of 90 houses built in 1945 using elements manufactured in Finland. These elements were given by Finland to the Soviet Union as part of the reparations after the end of World War II. The Soviet Union, in turn, gave Warsaw a total of 500 houses, of which 90 were constructed on Jazdów Street. The houses were initially inhabited by the Office of Reconstruction of the Capital employees, whose main task was to rebuild the city of Warsaw after the war.

Despite the passing years, 26 of these houses have survived until today. Some are still being used as residential buildings, while the district has rented out others to various organisations that operate under the common banner of Otwarty Jazdów. These houses have become a hub for numerous workshops, exhibitions, meetings, and discussions.

Who needs pubs in Jazdów?

A social media alert from Otwarty Jazdów has brought to light some new development plans for the estate that could drastically alter its character. The proposed project outlines the estate utilised for public cultural, administration, education, or science services. However, catering services are allowed, and no residential function is permitted.

These last two provisions have been met with strong opposition from the activists of Otwarty Jazdów and other urban activists. In a statement on Instagram, Otwarty Jazdów stated, "We say ‘no’ to another gastronomy hub in the city centre." Urban activist Jan Mencwel also commented on the matter, stating that "it is a scandal that Rafał Trzaskowski wants to eliminate the residential function in Jazdów and turn it into another hub of expensive pubs. There can be no consent to this."

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