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Activists won’t be punished. They blocked motorway for several days

Activists won’t be punished. They blocked motorway for several days

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
09.10.2023 15:30

Climate activists from the Extinction Rebellion group protested on the A12 motorway in the Netherlands for 27 days. Despite this, the public prosecutor's office will not initiate any proceedings.

We have already written about the September blockades of the Dutch A12 motorway to The Hague by climate activists from Extinction Rebellion. They protested this way for several weeks, opposing government subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.

Activists will not be dealt with by prosecutors

On 6 October, Extinction Rebellion decided to suspend the roadblock after 27 days of protests. The pressure they exerted has brought results, and the left-wing proposal to suspend tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry is being considered in the Dutch parliament.

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During the protest, police arrested as many as 9,000 people. The national prosecutor's office informed the media that no criminal proceedings would be brought against them. The justification on the institution's website reads: "In previous rulings, the judge stated that if:

  • there is a peaceful demonstration,
  • there is no reprehensible behaviour (such as vandalism or violence),
  • the degree of nuisance caused by the demonstration is limited

there is no reason to impose a further sentence if the suspects have already been arrested by the police. In such cases, the prosecution sees no reason to initiate criminal proceedings."

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Source: @NLRebellion X, om.nl

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