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“I declare you husband and husband and husband.” Unusual wedding in Brazil

"I declare you husband and husband and husband." Unusual wedding in Brazil

Image source: © Instagram, canva
Weronika Paliczka,
05.09.2023 13:15

We are witnessing history in the making. Three men from Brazil decided to formalise their years-long relationship and make their polyamorous wedding public.

The unique wedding took place in São Paulo, Brazil. The three men, Douglas Casali, Átila Rodrigues and Douglas Haynes, who have been in a relationship for five years, decided to take the plunge.

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A symbolic wedding could be the beginning of a change

Brazilian law does not allow polygamous unions, while gay marriage has been legal for more than 10 years. The symbolic ceremony, which took place on a rooftop in São Paulo's historic downtown, captured the beauty and commitment of the three men's relationship. The symbolic ceremony also marks the beginning of a discussion about the legalisation of polygamous unions in Brazil.

"I now declare you husband and husband and husband!" sounded the words of Lidia Vas, who officiated the ceremony, marking a unique moment in the history of love in Brazil.

The nuptial ceremony was not limited to the exchange of rings, but also included a symbolic wedding ritual that represented the union of their souls. Each man wears a tattoo to symbolise their union, and wedding details such as the ombre green of their suits suggest references to the colours of the gay flag.

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Source: Gayety.to

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