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Wildfire threatens rare plants in Połonina Caryńska

Wildfire threatens rare plants in Połonina Caryńska

Image source: © GOPR Bieszczady / Facebook
Natalia Witulska,
09.04.2024 12:30

On the evening of Monday, 8 April, a fire broke out on the summit of Połonina Caryńska due to grass catching fire. Sadly, over a hectare of the protected area has burned down. The firefighting operation was highly challenging, and more than 80 people were involved.

Połonina Caryńska is a mountain massif located in the Bieszczady Mountains, situated between the valleys of Prowcza and Wołosaty. The villages of Brzegi Górne and Ustrzyki Górne are also within the area. To the north, Przysłup Caryński separates the massif from Magura Stuposiańska, while to the south, it borders with Dział through Wyżniańska Pass.

On Monday, 8 April, the fire brigade received alarming and terrifying news that grass was burning on the top of Połonina Caryńska. More than 80 people participated in the firefighting operation, with officers reaching the fire scene on ATVs. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished. However, the fire destroyed more than a hectare of protected area.

Fire in Połonina Caryńska

The firefighting operation was a testament to the power of collective action. Firefighters, border guards, and rescuers from the Forest Service and the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service all joined forces. A total of 84 dedicated individuals were on the ground, using special all-terrain vehicles to navigate the challenging terrain. Their relentless efforts paid off, and the fire was brought under control around 9:00 pm.

In an interview with the media, Brigadier-General Dacko stated that the cause of the fire is not currently known. The fire was not caused by a storm, as the weather was nice and favourable for tourist traffic. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries. The firefighters used tools to suppress the fires, but manual work was required on the incline due to strong winds.

Połonina Caryńska is part of the Bieszczady National Park and is home to many rare plant specimens. Unfortunately, many of these plants were likely destroyed in the fire. Uncommon species include:

  • Orobanche alba,
  • Aconitum bucovinense,
  • Tozzia carpathica,
  • Carex dacica,
  • Aconitum lasiocarpum.

Source: natemat.pl

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