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Weather anomaly in Poland: Warmest February ever measured

Weather anomaly in Poland: Warmest February ever measured

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Natalia Witulska,
26.02.2024 15:15

In late February, Spain experienced an unusual weather phenomenon, resulting in a wave of cold weather. This anomaly caused Warsaw to become warmer than Madrid. Moreover, February 2024 is expected to be the warmest month ever recorded in Poland.

Climate change and weather anomalies are becoming increasingly frequent. Examples of this can be seen everywhere. In Poland, we have forgotten what a real winter is like. The snow that falls between November and February is always a big surprise. High temperatures around the world no longer shock anyone. We all remember how, in November 2023, meteorologists announced that the heat in Brazil had reached its peak, with measuring devices showing almost 60 degrees C in Rio de Janeiro.

This time, the weather anomalies will also hit Spain. Icy air from the north will blow over the country, making Madrid colder than Warsaw. Furthermore, IMGW (The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management) predicts that February 2024 will be the warmest month ever measured in Poland.

Madrid colder than Warsaw

Many Poles travel to Italy or Spain during winter as these countries are generally much warmer than Poland. However, in February 2024, there will be unusual changes as a chill that is not typical for these regions is expected to hit the Iberian Peninsula. According to the experts, temperatures will be around 5-8 degrees Celsius lower than usual for this season. As a result, Madrid may become colder than Warsaw.

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Spain has already been dealing with an unusual cold wave over the past few days. On Friday, 23 February, the northwestern region of the country experienced heavy snowfall. The snow was so thick that snow ploughs had to be deployed on the roads. The Spanish meteorological station AEMET even issued storm warnings and snowstorms for the weekend.

According to meteorologists, winter is not yet over for Spain, as even colder air is forecasted to arrive over the next few days. The nights could bring ground frosts. At the same time, Poland will experience surprisingly warm air, leading to temperatures as high as 18-19 degrees Celsius in the south of the country. On Tuesday, 27 February, temperatures are expected to reach 16 degrees C in Warsaw. This means that, surprisingly, the capital of Poland will be warmer than the Spanish capital.

Warmest February ever measured

The long-term forecast for February by IMGW has turned out to be accurate. We are experiencing weather typical of spring, and having several degrees of warmth in winter is no longer surprising. Unfortunately, we are slowly becoming accustomed to unusual weather becoming the new normal. People enjoy the opportunity to take long walks or play with their children outdoors in the second month of the year. However, such weather in February should be a cause for concern, as it indicates that the planet is continuously getting warmer.

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"The last such warm February was in 2020, and before that, in 2002 and 1990. The coming days will be so warm that we will observe a thermal spring. February 2024 is likely to be the warmest month in the history of IMGW measurements in Poland," reads IMGW's official profile on X.

Source: onet.pl, radiozet.pl

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