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Somali TikToker compares African and European heatwaves: Which is worse?

Somali TikToker compares African and European heatwaves: Which is worse?

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Weronika Paliczka,
02.07.2024 12:00

A TikToker of Somali origin shared her European experiences on social media. She stated that the African heat is nothing compared to the heatwaves in Europe.

Until recently, summer was associated with pleasantly warm temperatures, ice cream, sunbathing, local and international trips, and swimming in lakes. Now, however, due to global warming, summer for many people means struggling to survive through heatwaves. Shops are quickly running out of fans and air conditioners. Europeans share one common desire: to bury themselves in the fridge and wait for autumn or winter.

Somali woman talks about the heat in Africa

TikToker theyappingkiya, followed by nearly 10,000 people, shares insights about life in Africa. In her latest video, Kiya discusses the heat in Europe. According to her, the hot temperatures here are much worse than in Africa. She recalls playing in the backyard with her friends every day as a child, regardless of the temperature. She explains that heat is experienced very differently in Africa compared to Europe.

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During European summers, Kiya often feels weak, suffers from headaches, dehydration, and takes multiple showers a day, yet still feels unclean. Despite her efforts, she struggles to cope with the European heat. In contrast, her aunt from Sweden, experiences the heat differently, sometimes even feeling cold.

Internet users react to the video

The TikTok video has been viewed nearly 750,000 times. Commenters are attempting to explain why temperatures feel so different between the two continents. Most people believe that humidity and heat worsen everyone's mood. Some also point to the lack of wind, particularly noticeable in cities where tall buildings block the breeze.

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