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Rybnik grants PLN 4,000 for school gardens. “Extraordinary educational value”

Rybnik grants PLN 4,000 for school gardens. "Extraordinary educational value"

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
31.01.2024 16:30

From spring, primary schools and kindergartens in Rybnik will have their gardens. Young children will learn about fruits and vegetables and how to care for them.

Rybnik's primary schools and kindergartens will enjoy a green spring with the help of NGO grants. With grants amounting to PLN 4,000 per facility, they can create gardens and educate students about plant cultivation.

Gardens for schools and kindergartens in Rybnik

As per the report published on portalsamorzadowy.pl, nine educational institutions in Rybnik have been granted $1,000 each by Seed Programs International (SPI) and Resiliency Gardens. The funds aim to support the establishment of school gardens and horticultural education programs. SPI is a non-profit organisation based in the United States that works towards increasing food security and strengthening local communities.

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The gardening classes are scheduled to begin in the spring and will be conducted by educators from the Natural Development Foundation (Polish: Fundacja Naturalnego Rozwoju), among others. This NGO is based in Rybnik and is described on social media as organising "Workshops and meetings in nature for children, adults, seniors and whole families".

"Our school has not yet had a school garden, so financial and expert support will undoubtedly come in handy," says Ewa Tyl-Korzeniewska, headmistress of 35th Primary School in Rybnik, as quoted by portalsamorzadowy.pl. "The project has extraordinary educational value for children, who will learn how fruits and vegetables grow. They will understand that fruits and vegetables do not grow in supermarkets and will see the importance of planting, sowing, watering, caring, and finally consuming them."

Source: portalsamorzadowy.pl

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