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Pope Francis causes controversy by calling certain individuals 'stupid'

Pope Francis causes controversy by calling certain individuals 'stupid'

Image source: © AKPA
Natalia Witulska,
26.04.2024 12:30

Pope Francis often faces criticism from those with far-right views due to his support for the LGBT community. He has expressed his belief that the LGBT community should be accepted and that same-sex marriages deserve a blessing. During an interview with CBS Evening News on Wednesday, 24 April, he referred to people who deny the existence of global warming as "stupid".

Pope Francis is not popular among far-right Catholics. The leader of the Church often makes statements that annoy them. He openly supports the rights of people from the LGBTQ+ community to believe in God, just like everyone else. He has also advocated for blessings for same-sex marriages and allowed transgender individuals to become godparents.

On Wednesday, 24 April, Pope Francis was interviewed on CBS Evening News and was asked about climate change. He spoke candidly and stated that those who deny the changes happening in the environment are ‘stupid.’ Once again, his remarks have upset those with extreme right-wing views.

Pope Francis on ‘stupid people’

Despite frequent news of climate catastrophes, many individuals still refuse to believe in climate change. On April 22, the World Meteorological Organization, in conjunction with the Copernicus agency, released alarming data indicating that the temperature in Europe is increasing twice as fast as in other regions of the world. Despite this, some people still do not take the news seriously.

Pope Francis commented on individuals who refuse to accept global warming as a fact and the looming threat of climate change. His words were not well-received by right-wing media outlets. Journalists at Polonia Christiana claimed that the Pope was simply insulting people with different opinions. However, the Pope was merely stating the facts. The evidence for climate change is undeniable and not mere propaganda.

"Some people are stupid (necios), and stupid even if you show them research, they don’t believe it. Why? Because they don’t understand the situation, or because of their interests, but climate change exists," the 87-year-old pope told CBS Evening News.

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