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Penguin walks at Bazel Zoo. All to keep them healthy

Penguin walks at Bazel Zoo. All to keep them healthy

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Oliwia Ruta,
15.01.2024 16:00

If you ever find yourself in Switzerland, be sure to visit the zoo that offers the extraordinary experience of walking alongside penguins. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss!

Interactions between penguins and humans can be quite charming. Despite their wild nature, penguins often display curiosity towards humans. A zoo in Switzerland has capitalised on the animals' friendliness by organising daily walks with the penguins. This not only attracts tourists but also takes care of the birds' physical development.

Penguin walks

The Basel Zoo is the first zoo to be established in Switzerland. One of its unique attractions is the penguin walk, which takes place every day from November to February, provided that the temperature does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that the activity may be cancelled in case of heavy rain or wind. The penguin walk usually starts around 11 am and is open to anyone who wishes to participate, as long as they abide by the rules set by the keepers.

The bird keepers take utmost care to ensure that none of the participants in the walk get too close to the animals. Moreover, only those penguins who are willing to join the walk are allowed. The walk automatically ends if the birds get tired or want to return to the enclosure. In the wild, penguins cover long distances every day. Walking helps maintain their blood circulation and keeps them active.

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