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New hunting regulations aim to reduce animal brutality

New hunting regulations aim to reduce animal brutality

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Oliwia Ruta,
07.02.2024 13:30

The Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment, Mikołaj Dorożała, has announced significant changes to the hunting rules. Which animals will no longer be allowed to be hunted?

During an interview with the Polish Press Agency (PAP), Mikołaj Dorożała, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, stated that changes to hunting regulations are forthcoming. Dorożała named animal species that may soon be prohibited from hunting and mentioned restrictions on group hunting and the use of electronic logbooks during hunting.

Mikołaj Dorożała on changes in hunting

Mikolaj Dorożała has announced his intention to implement the demands of the Let Them Live Coalition (Polish: Koalicja Niech Żyją). The politician has already started taking steps to implement a plan to protect some of Poland's wild bird species. The organisation has long been advocating for a ban on hunting certain bird species, including the greylag goose, white-fronted goose, bean goose, headed duck, tufted duck, bar-tailed duck, mallard, coot, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, and wood pigeon. These species have seen a significant decline in their numbers in recent decades.

I have provided the newly appointed Chief Hunter with a list of species that must no longer be hunted. This list includes the hazel grouse, the common teal, and other birds mostly found in wetland habitats. The proposal was developed in consultation with both scientists and members of the hunting community. I urge for the implementation of these changes to take effect as soon as possible

- Mikołaj Dorożała said.

The Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment has mentioned the need to protect wild boar and revealed he had already discussed and successfully negotiated a temporary moratorium on hunting boar sows with the Chief Hunter. He stated that hunting pregnant sows is deemed unacceptable by the hunting community, so they plan to introduce protective periods for sows. Additionally, the Deputy Minister has recommended introducing restrictions on group hunting.

It is unacceptable to have group hunting throughout the forest from October to January, which ultimately leads to the forest being practically excluded. To prevent this, I believe there should be a limit on group hunting during certain periods, and information must be provided on specific times when such hunting takes place

- argues the politician.

Residents are facing a problem due to the lack of information about hunting activities in the forest. They need to know the exact timings of these hunts. Dorożała has suggested that social media can be used to communicate news of hunts to the residents. Additionally, the politician has appealed to hunters to use an electronic logbook to keep track of their hunting trips. He has also urged the authorities to consider banning the use of night vision devices for hunting and to increase the minimum age for hunting or being present during a hunt.

In my opinion, allowing children to hunt raises ethical and moral concerns. While I try to understand the reasoning of those who support it, I know some members of the hunting community argue for raising the age limit to 21

- says the Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment.

Source: PAP

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