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Eco-activists attack “The Toilet of Venus” painting in London

Eco-activists attack "The Toilet of Venus" painting in London

Image source: © Just Stop Oil / X
Konrad SiwikKonrad Siwik,07.11.2023 13:00

Climate activists used hammers to smash the glass protecting Diego Velazquez’s painting in London's National Gallery. They were detained by police.

On Monday 6 November two activists attacked "The Toilet of Venus" by Diego Velázquez with "something that looked like emergency rescue hammers" - informed London’s National Gallery in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Following the attack, the painting was removed from display so that it could be examined by the museum's conservators.

Just Stop Oil activists hit Velázquez painting

The Just Stop Oil group announced on X that its members were responsible for breaking the protective glass. A video released by the activists shows two people wearing white "Just Stop Oil" T-shirts smashing the glass protecting "The Toiler of Venus". After a few hits, the man and woman turn around, drop the hammers and address the gallery visitors directly.

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"Women didn’t get the vote by voting; it’s time for deeds not words. It is time to Just Stop Oil," the female activist shouted.

"Politics is failing us. It failed women in 1914 and it is failing us now. New oil and gas will kill millions. If we love art, if we love life, if we love our families we must Just Stop Oil," the male activist added.

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The activists then sit down in front of the artwork, holding hands. The video was also overlaid with an invitation for a march through London, organised by the group and scheduled for 18 November. Police said both activists were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Source: X, APNews

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