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Climate doomism. Is there no hope for our planet anymore?

Climate doomism. Is there no hope for our planet anymore?

Image source: © Jakub Wiech, X, canva
Marta Grzeszczuk,
22.08.2023 13:45

Climate doomism is an understandable but at the same time unconstructive attitude towards the climate crisis. Jakub Wiech, a popular Polish influencer writing about energetics and Earth’s climate, put together arguments that offer hope.

The climate crisis is currently one of the greatest challenges the global community faces. There is no escaping the alarming information about its effects coming in daily from all corners of the world. This may also give the impression that climate catastrophe cannot be prevented, so there is no point in engaging in pro-environmental activities. The name for such attitude? Climate doomism.

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Is climate doomism justified?

An expert in the field of energetics and journalist Jakub Wiech rightly pointed out in his post on X that climate doomism is socially damaging. Only a global effort is capable of pulling us back from the brink of the abyss we have been heading towards for decades. We know from experience that when humanity works together, everything is possible. Examples? Thanks to the so-called "Montreal Protocol" of 1987 it was possible to stop the expansion of the ozone hole. By 2066, the ozone layer will have returned to its original and safe to humans state.

In his post, Wiech cites 10 reasons proving that there is still hope for the Earth. Fortunately, as a species, we have not lost our instinct for self-preservation entirely, even though it still too often loses out to short-term political or business interests. We forget that the climate problem is not that the over-exploited Earth will disappear from the Solar System, but that it will become "merely" incapable for sustaining human life.

Countries responsible for almost 90% of global CO2 emissions have already announced carbon neutrality targets ie. they are implementing their own climate policies.

- Jakub Wiech

One of the listed reasons why there is a chance that the climate catastrophe can be averted is that climate denialism has disappeared from mainstream discourse. Public awareness has increased, and denial of the climate crisis has become the domain of conspiracy theorists only.

Wiech also mentioned China, where the rate of development of renewable energy sources is extremely dynamic. As reported by The Guardian, China now produces more energy from the sun than the rest of the world combined. On the other hand, it also continues to burn the most coal in the world, but the fact that renewable sources can already be cheaper than fossil fuels gives hope for further progress. China has an official plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2060.

Do we have an impact on the climate crisis?

Climate doomism can cause information about the climate crisis to be ignored, on the basis of "I'm not going to bother with it at all since nothing can be done anyway" presupposition. Meanwhile, our proactive stance is important, not just in light of personal choices such as choosing forms of transport or limiting meat consumption.

It is more important to look out for our climate interests and those of future generations by exerting pressure on local and global decision-makers. We can do this directly by voting for candidates who have climate catastrophe prevention postulates on their party program.

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