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Unlocking the Secrets to Communicating with Generation Z: Key Takeaways from the RIZZ Conference

Unlocking the Secrets to Communicating with Generation Z: Key Takeaways from the RIZZ Conference

Image source: © Adrian Nojek / Press Release
Weronika Paliczka,
19.03.2024 16:30

In an effort to understand the unique needs and expectations of Generation Z, influencers and media professionals gathered at the RIZZ conference to discuss strategies for creating tailored content that resonates with this tech-savvy and socially conscious demographic.

"What does Generation Z expect from mass media, and how can we effectively communicate with them?" This question sparked a deep discussion among media representatives and influencers. To develop a common answer and outline the needs of Generation Z, Vibez.pl editors organized the RIZZ conference dedicated to addressing these specific needs.

Where to find Generation Z representatives?

The RIZZ conference centred around Generation Z and covered various topics relevant to this age group. "Reserve your spot now at the unique conference in Poland! Discover the key communication elements for Generation Z—the generation increasingly entering the market. Get inspired by the latest and most impactful trends in message design. Let us show you how to be RIZZ. Learn how to create authentic content for the youth, how to acquire, sell, and build loyalty," reads the conference description.

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What appeals to Gen Z?

According to the experts that gathered at the RIZZ conference, the youth seeks authenticity. They show little interest in meticulously crafted artificial messages or digitally altered photos. It is sincerity and authenticity that enable them to connect more deeply with influencers and brands. The pivotal takeaway from the panel discussions can be summed up in this phrase: "The authenticity of the message is paramount."

"In an era dominated by smartphones, vertical video is emerging as the format preferred by younger generations, as it is considered more natural and easier to consume. Speakers shared tips on how to creatively use this trend to increase engagement and reach," reads the summary of the conference.

The RIZZ conference was attended by journalists, social media experts, UX designers, psychologists and representatives of Generation Z.

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