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Thousands of Hungarians take to streets to protest against government

Thousands of Hungarians take to streets to protest against government

Image source: © canva
Natalia Witulska,
08.04.2024 11:15

On Saturday, 6 April, thousands of Hungarians took to the streets in Budapest to protest against the government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The demonstration was one of the largest in years, and citizens used the occasion to voice their discontent with the current administration.

On 6 April, a series of large-scale protests against the leadership of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán were held in Budapest. They were organised by Péter Magyar, a lawyer and diplomat previously associated with Orbán's ruling Fidesz party. Despite his past affiliations, Magyar has since become one of Orbán's most vocal critics, calling for significant changes and predicting an inevitable shift in Hungary's political landscape.

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Viktor Orbán is a Hungarian politician and lawyer who has served in the National Assembly since 1990. He is the chairman of the Fidesz party and has held the position of Prime Minister of Hungary twice - once from 1998 to 2002 and again since 2010. Orbán's leadership has been the subject of widespread criticism from European leaders, who accuse him of undermining democracy and establishing an authoritarian state. Among other things, Orbán's policies have resulted in significant restrictions on the freedom of the press, with his government taking control of all public media and almost 90% of private media.

Huge protests in Budapest

In February 2024, Péter Magyar made the decision to leave the Fidesz party and join the opposition. He announced his plan to form a new political party with the aim of removing Viktor Orbán from power. Recent polls suggest that his party has the potential to become a significant force in the country's politics. The protests against the ruling prime minister in Budapest were Magyar’s idea.

"From now on, nothing will be as it’s been. Change has started, which can’t be stopped," Magyar declared during the demonstrations. "We, Hungarians, are coming together. Step by step, brick by brick, we are taking back our homeland and building a new country, a sovereign, modern, European Hungary," he added.

The politician accused those currently in power of engaging in corruption at the highest levels. He also stated that they have taken away the independence of the media and the prosecutor's office. Despite this, he called for mutual respect and requested that the people and residents of Hungary assist him in removing Fidesz from power. Additionally, the opposition representative announced that another demonstration is planned for May.

Hungarians are no longer fond of Orbán's rule

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Budapest to protest against the Hungarian government. A photo shared on social media by Viktória Serdült, a journalist at hvg.hu, gives an idea of the scale of the protests. Speaking to journalists, Péter Magyar claimed that there were several hundred thousand protesters.

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The demonstration began at Ferenc Deak Square, located in the city centre. From there, the participants made their way to the Hungarian parliament, carrying banners with anti-government slogans. Citizens shouted that Orbán must go, emphasising that they were not afraid and expected change. They demanded that Hungary get back on the democratic track.

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza, natemat.pl

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