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Old town of Klaipeda

Places in Lithuania enjoyed by locals for outdoor activities, serene landscapes and Western lifestyle options

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24.08.2023 18:43

The decision to spend the holidays in the native country is often determined by short distances and easy planning. If you believe that Lithuania is a boring vacation destination, think again.

The number of young Lithuanians choosing to spend their holidays in Lithuania does not significantly differ from those who prefer to travel abroad, says Neringa Sutkaitytė, domestic tourism marketing project manager and domestic tourism expert at Lithuania Travel (Keliauk Lietuvoje). The decision to spend the holidays in the native country is often determined by short distances and easy planning, she adds.

The tourism expert says that some of the most popular resorts in Lithuania boast a plethora of distinctive experiences and entertainment options for visitors, while also fostering a strong connection to their homeland.

According to Sutkaitytė, the travel trends and holiday preferences of Lithuanians can hardly be treated as astonishing: most adore spending time in nature and enjoy the pleasures that it gives.

"Lithuanians are most attracted to visiting beautiful natural spots and relaxing in nature, particularly near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, or the sea. Therefore, it is absolutely no surprise, that the Klaipėda region remains the most popular holiday destination among locals and Palanga maintains the status of the main country’s resort, where Lithuanians willingly spend their longest annual holidays," says Sutkaitytė.

According to Sutkaitytė, natural areas are appreciated not only for relaxation but also for recreational activities.

"As far as I can observe, various hiking trails ranging from few to tens of kilometers are steadily gaining popularity. The willingness to take sightseeing tours and to climb observation towers has not ceased either. Whenever a new observation tower or a new hiking trail is constructed, people are flocking to it eagerly to be among the first who visit the location and are able to share their impressions with others," says Sutkaitytė.

What choices do young people typically make?

Despite the prevailing opinion that younger individuals are determined to explore the world and prefer international destinations, Sutkaitytė argues that the number of those who travel abroad is not significantly higher than those who opt for domestic destinations.

"In fact, two-thirds of the country’s youth spend their longest annual holidays in Lithuania and only one in ten decides to travel further than to the neighboring country," says the tourism expert.

Domestic tourism may be appealing due to such factors as shorter distances, faster journeys, and easier planning compared to international travel. Sutkaitytė believes that these circumstances are the driving force behind the decisions of young Lithuanian holidaymakers.

"Young people are mostly interested in locations that provide opportunities for physical activities, like cycling, walking, etc. Besides, it is common for them to use trains, buses, or bicycles as a means of transportation," notes Sutkaitytė.

However, people differ in their needs and priorities. While some dedicate their energy to outdoor activities, such as canoeing, wakeboarding, etc., or enjoy a vibrant nightlife, others prefer leisure in a peaceful environment or simply being in nature.

"In recent years the so-called forest hotels or glamping spots have become immensely popular. They offer a unique chance to immerse oneself in nature by staying overnight in untraditional structures such as tree houses, domes, lodges, or yurts built in parks, forests, by the water in national and regional parks, while enjoying all the traditional conveniences," explains Sutkaitytė.

The tourism expert says that this type of leisure is especially tempting for couples, young travelers, or those who are used to maintaining good work and work-life balance.

What are the options for weekends and the longer annual holidays?

According to Sutkaitytė, the longest holidays Lithuanians usually spend at the seaside or in some of the wellness resorts like Birštonas or Druskininkai, where they can find not only typical entertainment and tourist attractions but also unique accommodations and dining options.

"In Birštonas, for example, you can book a room at Ese Hotel designed for millennials, or opt for a hobbit hut in the city’s holiday camp," suggests the expert.

For weekend trips Sutkaitytė suggests visiting some of the regions.

"I would recommend exploring regions of Lithuania including Anykščiai, Trakai, Zarasai, Ignalina, and other cities with beautiful resort areas. The biggest cities like Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda are also worth visiting. You can even be a tourist in your hometown, as there surely are many undiscovered attractions and activities that will definitely surprise you," says Sutkaitytė.

What is the cost of spending the holidays in Lithuania?

One of the reasons why young Lithuanians decide to spend their holidays abroad are relatively high prices in Lithuanian resorts. Sutkaitytė explains that when planning trips abroad we tend to be more organized and prepared. In contrast, domestic travel ideas are often more impulsive, resulting in higher spending.

"Holidays in Lithuania should also be planned in advance in order to save money and ensure availability of desired accommodations. I start planning my holidays in Lithuania in February, so I can avoid unnecessary stress caused by conflicting needs and possibilities," says Sutkaitytė.

One more way to save money is by opting for less popular destinations

"Lithuanian regions are really charming. Every city and every town has something to offer for a visitor. If you are properly prepared, almost any place will impress you as much as that, which is desired by most Lithuanians. Besides, Lithuania is a wonderful country merely because it has four distinct seasons. It’s a joy to revisit the same places and witness the changing scenery, always leaving a unique impression," says Sutkaitytė.

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