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PiESEL number for dogs and cats. Fight to make the pet's PESEL mandatory

PiESEL number for dogs and cats. Fight to make the pet's PESEL mandatory

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Maja Kozłowska,
12.01.2024 11:00

PiESEL is a numerical animal identification, similar to a PESEL number used for humans. Pet activists advocate for microchipping animals to increase their safety.

In Poland, animals are not required to have a PiESEL number, which is a unique identification code. However, animal rights activists are campaigning under the slogan 'Give your pet an identity' to change this legal status. The main objective of this campaign is to register dogs and cats in a nationwide electronic database. This initiative is aimed at helping pet owners, shelters, veterinarians, as well as local government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and courts.

The PiESEL number will make it easier to control and identify animals. Introducing compulsory chipping will also facilitate the fight against homelessness and reduce the demand for dogs and cats from pseudo-breeding. This change would extend control over four-legged animal owners, allowing authorities to check compliance with vaccination requirements, facilitate investigations and penalties, and have a preventive effect against violence towards animals.

PiESEL presented to Minister Gawkowski

Activists presented the strengths and benefits of the PiESEL project. Women associated with the project emphasised the following points:

  • Facilitating investigative activities,
  • Increasing the number of convictions for crimes against animals and prevention activities,
  • Protecting against homelessness and abandonment of animals,
  • Reducing the financial liability of municipalities arising from the duty of care for homeless animals,
  • Detecting and combating pseudo-breeding and illegal breeding of animals,
  • Extending control over owners to ensure that they comply with vaccination obligations,
  • Providing a quick way to find a lost or kidnapped animal.

The PiESEL project was presented to the Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski.

"Although the meeting was short, we received great interest in our initiative, and we already have more meetings scheduled in this regard," the activists explained.

"We are in favour of implementing a PiESEL number system in our country to enhance the welfare of companion animals. We strongly believe that labelling and creating a central registry will reinforce our obligations towards animals, ensure secure and proper data circulation, and enable Poland to align with other European Union member states that have already introduced similar measures," they stated.

Source: piesel.org

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