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Jakub Patecki visits oncology patients: A unique initiative

Jakub Patecki visits oncology patients: A unique initiative

Image source: © fundacja_cancerfighters
Natalia Witulska,
03.07.2024 12:00

Jakub Patecki, also known as "Patec," is a man with a big heart. The influencer participated in a charity event where he spent time with children in the hospital's oncology ward. He helped bring joy to the young patients and gave them gifts.

Jakub Patecki, known on social media as 'Patec', is a Polish YouTuber and influencer. He rose to fame by collaborating with Karol ‘Friz’ Wiśniewski and creating content for the Ekipa YouTube channel. This influencer group was immensely popular for several years, producing videos for children and young people. After the group disbanded, Jakub Patecki embarked on a solo career, which has been highly successful.

Following the break-up of Ekipa, Jakub Patecki focused on building his own social media presence. His YouTube channel boasts over one and a half million subscribers, and he has more than two million followers on Instagram. For a time, Patecki focused on travel content, showcasing different cultures and cuisines around the world. In May 2024, he achieved the remarkable feat of climbing Mount Everest. Alongside his social media activities, Patec is also actively involved in charity work.

Jakub Patecki visited children in an oncology ward

At the end of June, Jakub Patecki visited hospitals in Szczecin, Olsztyn, and Wrocław, where he appeared in oncology wards. During his visits, he talked to the young patients and gave them various gifts, spreading smiles, joy, and strength. Without a doubt, he brightened the spirits of the children, even if just for a moment.

"Jakub Patecki's unique campaign, in collaboration with the Cancer Fighters Foundation, organises meetings with oncology patients in various cities across Poland. This initiative aims to bring joy and support to those battling cancer. During these visits, gifts such as teddy bears and LEGO sets are distributed, and meetings are held to lift the spirits of patients and their families," reads a post on dropsy.app's Instagram profile.

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"Szczecin, Olsztyn, and Wrocław have already been visited, where Patec and his team met with patients, offering not only gifts but also substantial emotional support. Upcoming meetings are planned in Warsaw and Gdańsk, where gifts will continue to be handed out, and gatherings will be organised to bring smiles to patients' faces," the communiqué continues.

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"It is also important to mention the invaluable help of Patecki, whose fundraising campaign during his Mount Everest climb raised more than PLN 880,000. This money was donated to the Cancer Fighters Foundation," reads the dropsy.app profile.

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