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Washington: LGBT+ history added to school curriculum to make it more inclusive

Washington: LGBT+ history added to school curriculum to make it more inclusive

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Weronika Paliczka,
21.03.2024 16:30

The Governor of Washington has signed a bill that will bring changes to the core curriculum in schools. Students residing in the state that borders Canada will now be taught about the history and cultural contributions of the LGBT+ community as part of their education. This innovative solution was proposed by Washington senators.

The global LGBT+ community continually advocates for its rights. While certain countries have legalised same-sex marriage or child adoption for LGBT+ couples, in numerous regions, being non-heteronormative remains stigmatised and, at times, illegal. Shockingly, some Muslim and African nations even impose capital punishment on LGBT+ individuals.

LGBT+ community's significant contribution to history and culture

It is an undeniable fact that LGBT+ individuals have always been a part of society, are currently a part of it, and will continue to be so in the future. Many historians believe that one of the greatest rulers in ancient history, Alexander the Great, was a representative of the LGBT+ community. Professor Daniel Ogden supports this theory in his scholarly work "Alexander's Sex Life", where he claims that Alexander was bisexual. The king had lovers, including Hephaestion, whose death deeply affected Alexander, and Bagoas, a eunuch given to Alexander by a Persian general.

The LGBT+ community has made significant contributions to culture, with more and more individuals in various fields, such as music, painting, fashion design, and acting openly, speaking about their gender or orientation. Their invaluable contributions to everyday life cannot be overstated. However, for many people, being a part of the LGBT+ community is still regarded as a sin and a source of shame.

Washington introduces LGBTQ+ history lessons

Washington State Senator Jay Inslee signed a bill into law on March 18, 2024. The bill mandates the state's education agency to update curriculum standards. The new standards will include lessons on the history and contributions of LGBTQ+ people.

The regulation aims to address issues of inequality and discrimination against previously marginalised communities. The bill suggests increasing the diversity of all areas of learning, including science and mathematics, to provide equal opportunities for all students.

The bill's sponsor, Democratic Senator Marko Liias, told PBS in an interview that when students "feel a connection to what they’re learning, they do better."

"That's really the spirit of this bill. We still are empowering our local school districts to do the important work of finding curriculum and materials that are appropriate for the community," Liias continued. "We just want to make sure that there’s this broad expectation that they’ll be inclusive."

Source: Advocate

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