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Rainbow Seniors gather at library to read fairy tales, sparking right-wing criticism

Rainbow Seniors gather at library to read fairy tales, sparking right-wing criticism

Image source: © Biblioteka Raczyńskich / Facebook
Weronika Paliczka,
25.06.2024 12:45

The Rainbow Seniors activists met with children at the Raczynski Library. During the event, the women read fairy tales about tolerance, but now they have to deal with hate speech against them and the library.

Teaching tolerance and understanding should be introduced from an early age. Pre-school and school children absorb both positive and negative behaviour patterns. This makes it all the more important to engage with minorities to reduce resentment, fear, and hatred. With this in mind, Poznan's Raczynski Library organised a meeting with the Rainbow Seniors, which took place on 15 June. During the event, the Rainbow Seniors read fairy tales about tolerance, including one about a wolf who met colourful animals.

Rainbow Seniors fight against stereotypes

Rainbow Seniors was established in 2021. The group initially consisted of Basia, Róża, Teresa, Grażyna, Danusia, and Ania, though the lineup has since changed. The women aim to challenge the stereotype of the 'mohair berets' (people who support the views expressed by the Polish conservative-nationalistic Catholic movement). The Rainbow Seniors promote acceptance, tolerance, openness, and cheerfulness.

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Internet users criticise the Rainbow Seniors initiative

The meeting with the Rainbow Seniors did not please internet users. A storm erupted in the comments under the Raczynski Library's post about "exposing children to LGBT ideology." Agnieszka wrote: "Horrible. Teaching LGBT and misunderstood 'equality' to children is not the way to go." Anna echoed her sentiment: "Don't destroy children with rainbow ideology, or you will bitterly regret it." Piotr added, "It's a shame; it used to be an interesting place, but now it's ideological." Adam decided to go one step further and make an official complaint: "I would like to lodge a complaint against the decision-maker who allowed the good name of the Raczynski Library to be tarnished by the ideological imams behind the LGBT ideology. I ask for an official comment from the Library authorities."

There was also no shortage of people defending the concept of meetings that teach tolerance. Andrzej did not mince words: "It’s just a rainbow, but many people are immediately upset—comical reactions. Gays and lesbians exist; they existed 1,000 years ago and will continue to exist; there is nothing unusual about it. The world is like that. And children nowadays know more than everyone thinks; it's a wonder there aren't mass protests against smartphones with internet access; after all, access to porn is three clicks away. But, surely, Rainbow Seniors are depraved."

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza

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