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Global acceptance of LGBT community on the rise as radicalism declines

Global acceptance of LGBT community on the rise as radicalism declines

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Weronika Paliczka,
20.06.2024 15:00

During Pride Month, it's important to reflect on the acceptance of the LGBT community in different countries. Surveys show that while there is still progress to be made, Poles are more accepting than Romanians.

In an ideal world, everyone could live authentically without fear of critical stares, comments, or acts of violence. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect, and intolerance persists within parts of the population. The fear of living in a way that diverges from societal norms can lead to resentment and sometimes hatred. Although research shows that attitudes towards the LGBT community are gradually improving, there is still much work to be done.

More and more Romanians support same-sex relationships

A recent Cult Research survey indicates that up to 70% of Romanians believe all families should be protected by law, including those formed by same-sex couples. The researchers surveyed a group of adult Romanian citizens and found that 56% of respondents now agree with marriage or some other form of legal recognition for LGBT families. This number has increased by 13% compared to 2021, offering optimistic hopes for the future.

Furthermore, 69% of respondents described as unfair the fact that LGBT people cannot inherit from their partner. Slightly fewer respondents, 67%, saw a problem with the lack of access to medical information if an LGBT person's partner became ill. The researchers also asked parents about the issue of marriage if their children were part of the LGBT community. Of those questioned, 55% responded that they would like their child to have the option to marry.

LGBT visibility is growing in Romania

In 2021, only 19% of Romanians surveyed said they knew someone who belonged to the LGBT community. This figure has now risen to 29%. Additionally, an increasing number of Romanians believe that LGBT parents should be legally protected - up to 57% of people now share this view.

Poles are more tolerant than Romanians

The 2023 IPSOS survey shows that support for the LGBT community has increased significantly over the past decade. One in three Poles now support marriage or other formal same-sex relationships, with 32% in favour of marriage and 65% in favour of some other form of legalised union. Additionally, 64% of respondents believe that transgender people should be protected from discrimination in public and professional life.

The survey also revealed that 35% of Poles have someone in their immediate environment who belongs to the LGBT community. However, the issue of child adoption by same-sex couples remains more contentious in Poland, with 54% of respondents opposing the idea and 33% in favour.

Source: "IPSOS LGBT+ Pride 2023", "Stirile Pro.TV"

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