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Vacation in Greenland, the world's largest island. "Climate change has attracted many tourists"

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09.12.2023 14:50

Fearful that the glaciers will disappear before they get to see them, tourists are flocking to cruise ships bound for Greenland.

The island experienced an unusually warm summer, and rising temperatures have accelerated the rate at which the ice cap is melting.

Moreover, with less ice at sea, ships have been able to get closer to the shore so that visitors can enjoy the view.

Greenland, the world's largest island located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, had the warmest July since the beginning of measurements. Similar to the North Pole, the effects of climate change are clearly visible in Antarctica as well. The size of the glaciers is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Greenland's Kangia Glacier produces the world's largest icebergs, providing an impressive spectacle. House-sized pieces of ice break off and roll into the Arctic Ocean. They then melt, replenishing the World Ocean with water.

Andreas Alexander, a climate researcher: "In the next few decades, we expect the World Ocean level to rise by one meter. This means that in over 80 years, 600 million people will live below sea level".

Greenland is losing hundreds of thousands of tons of ice daily, a worrying rate that could dramatically accelerate if humanity does not urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions, researchers insist.

Kerim Nisancioglu, a researcher: "It's dramatic, because we're talking about a phenomenon that is getting worse. Greenland has the greatest contribution to the water supply of the World Ocean".

Alerted by such grim predictions, tourists are scheduling trips to Greenland.

Wilhelm Gemander, a tour guide and ship captain: "The issue of climate change has attracted a lot of tourists, eager to come here and see the glaciers before they disappear".

The increased interest has caused accommodation prices to skyrocket on the island, which is home to nearly 56,000 people.

Ulrich Sörensen, a hotel director: "A room costs 600 euros per night".

R: What do you get for this money?

Ulrich Sörensen, a hotel director: "You can enjoy the view".

As autumn begins with unusually high temperatures, tourism companies expect an extension of the season during which Greenland can be visited.

Ulrich Oppold, an RTL correspondent: "During the summer, more and more cruise ships have brought thousands of eager tourists to Greenland to discover this fascinating world of ice. In addition, a trip to the Arctic region is easier to make due to climate change because cruise ships can get even closer to the coasts".

Tourist: "It's fantastic. You don't see anything like this in Australia".

Most tourist vessels bound for Greenland depart from Alaska. After approaching the coast, visitors are taken by boats to explore settlements with a few thousand locals and just as many sled dogs. Such a cruise costs around 20,000 euros.

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