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Punctured Tyres for the Future: Climate activists’ unusual protest

Punctured Tyres for the Future: Climate activists’ unusual protest

Image source: © canva
Natalia Witulska,
08.02.2024 13:30

Climate activists in Berlin carried out a new action on the night of 4/5 February, causing damage to the tyres of at least 50 SUVs, according to German police.

Climate activists often devise creative ways to draw attention to our planet's environmental issues. Recently, in Germany, activists targeted SUVs - known for their high emissions - by damaging their tyres.

Activists damaged several SUVs

Climate activists have been pointing out for a long time that SUVs are more harmful to the environment than traditional cars. This is because they are, on average, 200 kg heavier, wider and longer, which means more materials are needed for their production. Additionally, SUVs consume 15% more fuel and have 20% higher CO2 emissions than conventional cars.

After the Parisian authorities took action against polluting cars (by imposing higher parking fees on SUVs, among other measures), the issue of SUVs was also raised in Berlin. Climate activists have made it clear to the authorities that they do not want these harmful vehicles in the German capital.

Protest against SUVs

On the night of 4/5 February, a group of environmental activists carried out an organised action in Berlin. As a result, at least 50 SUV car owners found their vehicles with deflated tyres. The activists demand that cars that harm the environment be removed from the German capital.

The affected car owners found cards with a warning message on their damaged cars. The message read, "Attention, punctured tyres, don't drive away!" German police believe that the group called "Reifen platt For future" (translated as "Punctured Tyres for the Future") is responsible for the damages. However, this information is yet to be officially confirmed.

The police issued a statement saying, "As this vandalism is most likely politically motivated, we are investigating the matter."

Source: Tagesspiegel, Rzeczpospolita

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