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Poznan sets record for Great Global Cleanup on Earth Day

Poznan sets record for Great Global Cleanup on Earth Day

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Natalia Witulska,
22.04.2024 17:39

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, with various events held to promote pro-ecological attitudes. The organisers of these events aim to make politicians and citizens aware of the fragility of the planet's ecosystem.

We are currently facing significant challenges related to our planet. Human activities have caused global warming, which has resulted in terrifying consequences. Every year, various countries such as Spain, Greece, Canada and the United States are hit by massive fires, floods, and storms that lead to people losing their homes and lives. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not believe that climate change is a real and pressing issue.

On 22 April, we celebrate Earth Day, and in connection with this, many towns and villages organise pro-environmental events, which usually involve cleaning up the immediate surroundings. Citizens of Poznan, for example, decided to keep their streets clean and free of litter, with city hall employees taking the lead by heading out into the city. This event broke a record in the capital of Wielkopolska.

Cleaning up Poznan on Earth Day

The citizens and residents of Poznan have reason to be proud of themselves. Between Thursday, 18 April and Monday, 22 April, a total of 200 teams joined forces to clean up the capital of Wielkopolska. This breaks the previous record of 150 teams in 2023. The Department of Public Utilities (Polish: Wydział Gospodarki Komunalnej, WGK) provided the necessary equipment for the volunteers, who were given bags and gloves. Additionally, the WGK has offered to collect the gathered waste.

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"Spring Cleaning 2024 is in full swing! Between 18-22 April, over 200 organised groups - another record for this campaign - cleaned up Poznan. Thank you for your huge commitment!" reads the official Facebook page of the City of Poznan.

The amount of rubbish collected is unknown at present. However, considering that 40 tonnes of litter were collected in 2023 with fewer volunteers, it is safe to assume that this year's result will be even more impressive.

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