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Climate shelters being built in Spain amidst global temperature concerns

Climate shelters being built in Spain amidst global temperature concerns

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Anna RusakAnna Rusak,27.12.2023 17:30

Barcelona already has over 200 climate shelters in operation. When will Poland create their "cold oases"?

We are currently facing the harsh effects of the climate crisis. To help mitigate these issues, some areas have implemented measures that may seem unusual but will soon become more common. For instance, in response to the extreme heat waves caused by the climate catastrophe, Spain has already established "climate shelters" or "cold oases". These facilities aim to offer refuge from the unbearable heat.

Climate shelters in Spain

Europe's central and southern regions are experiencing the severe impact of global warming. The scorching temperatures in Spain during June have caused widespread and devastating fires, making it a matter of concern.

To help its residents survive the heatwaves, Spain has set up climate shelters in Barcelona, Bilbao, and Seville, providing a refuge from the heat.

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What are Spanish "cold oases"?

Climate shelters, also known as 'cold oases', are designated places where people can take refuge from high outdoor temperatures. These shelters are free to use and designed to be easily accessible, with a maximum distance of 10 minutes from residential areas. The temperature inside these shelters must remain below 26 degrees Celsius.

Barcelona already has over 200 such shelters in various public buildings, schools, parks, gardens, and even libraries. These shelters are equipped with special air conditioning units and provide rest and water areas to help people cope with the heat. Additionally, parks and gardens are equipped with more fountains and trees, which can serve as climate shelters.

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Why do we need climate shelters?

Due to the increasing climate warming, more climate shelters will be constructed in Victoria, Malaga, and Murcia. These shelters are crucial, especially in Murcia, where temperatures exceeded 45 degrees Celsius during this year's heatwave.

Poland may not require such shelters currently, but in the coming years, they may become a necessity. Unfortunately, Poland's inclination towards deforestation, concreting city squares, and the climate policies of those in power may lead to the creation of "oases of heat" rather than "oases of cold."

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